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We represent businesses in contract, tort, employment, and intellectual property law matters
Contracts & Business Torts


A contract is an agreement between parties imposing obligations enforceable by law. We negotiate and draft contracts for small- and medium-sized businesses in Southern California, and defend and prosecute breach of contract actions in California.

Business Torts


A tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, for which there is a remedy. We defend and prosecute fraud (false advertising and unfair competition), negligence, libel and slander, and products liability actions for small- and medium-sized businesses in Southern California.

Employment Law

One of the largest risks small- and medium-sized businesses face is legal risk arising from employing people. We litigate wage and hour and wrongful termination civil actions including class and PAGA actions. We defend employers in wage and hour, retaliation, and discrimination administrative claims before the Labor Commissioner.

We also advise small- and medium-sized businesses on drafting and implementing employee handbooks and policies to ensure compliance with state and federal law.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Your rivals can hire away employees and buy the same equipment. But they can't replicate novel works of authorship (copyrights) or brands (trademarks and service marks). Accordingly, copyrights and trademarks/service marks are a great way to distinguish your business from rivals and create value for your customers.

We represent small- and medium-sized businesses register their intellectual properties, and defend and prosecute infringement.